Exterior Screen Solutions

MaestroShield®’s Retractable Exterior Screens provide energy efficient sun shading, shelter from insects, and rain and wind reduction. Whether increasing the value of your home or extending the use of outside areas, MaestroShield®’s Retractable Exterior Screens help enhance the comfort and the energy efficiency of your home.

Advanced Engineering


Engineered to Perfection

Retractable exterior screen systems designed by MaestroShield® are constructed and tested to work cohesively together to provide you a superior system; Systematically engineered for ease of installation while maintaining maximum operation and screen tautness long after the competitors.


We offer the only extruded hood for retractable shades on the market. Our hood is 66% thicker than sheet roll formed hoods, making it dent and impact resistant.


Our hood side caps feature steel-threaded galvanized inserts.

Marine grade stainless steel bottom bar to prevent corrosion. This contoured bottom bar keeps the screen taut all the way across and operating smoothly.

Reinforced corners for superior strength.

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